The Future 22 Northmen Brewing Company


The Longhouse of the 22 Northmen

Inspired by Viking architecture from around 12th Century, the 22 Northmen Brewery will be a place for people to not only experience great beer, but to also experience Viking living. 


The exterior of the longhouse will feature dark vertical siding with black windows & roof. The longhouse will incorporate unique architectural elements common in old Scandinavian buildings such as steep roof pitch and extended eaves.


As you walk in, you will be greeted by a large stone two-sided and double-decker fireplace. Further in, the beer bar is shaped as the haul of a ship with plenty of room to serve beer and to sit. There will be plenty of seating, including the round "SHIELD" table next to the fireplace and many gathering tables. You will also notice unique features such as large beams and other Scandinavian design elements.

Upper Level

The upper level will feature comfortable group seating with a more intimate atmosphere and a fireplace. Perfect for a romantic date or a private group. 


Not pictured, we will have a large patio outside the longhouse with lots of seating and great access to our outdoor bocce ball courts and live music. 

progress photos